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Karyn Ingrid Estela



Sci-F/Fantasy Novella

Frequencies, by Karyn  Ingrid  Estela

 Published October 2018

Enter a world of five galaxies filled with honorable mortal and immortal beings, from present day and ancient Norse mythology, whose average day involves acoustic archaeology, geometric rhythms, sound and light frequencies and of course some bad guys. Travel through gateways of multi-dimensional time and space. Enjoy!


 "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics" Albert Einstein    

The Asgardians are immortals created by the frequencies and waves of sound and light energy emitted during the formation of the Milky Way galaxy. They are highly sensitive, benevolent beings that can travel between multi-dimensional time and space. In either spirit or physical form, the Asgardians are a powerful race. Within our known universe, four other galaxies also produced immortal races endowed with characteristics equal to the Asgardians; the Arkaroo from the Nio galaxy, the Nisrocians from the Andromeda galaxy, the Lailans from the Maar galaxy, and the Alywardians from the Eya galaxy. Because of their advanced evolution and common nature, the five races ultimately came together and pledged their allegiance as ‘The Alliance of the Five,’ to serve as spirit guides and protectors for the mortal, honorable beings who inhabit the planets of the five galaxies.  At the farthest reaches of our known universe, a new galaxy was formed. Another race of beings evolved as hideous, parasitic, soul-shrinkers with horrific powers. The Alliance of the Five named their place of origin the Nocen galaxy and its race the Sluagh. Their home world is called Hellja. In order to strengthen their own weak natures, the Sluagh feed upon the souls of honorable beings from the other five galaxies. Upon arrival into the mortal realm, the Sluagh hide their wings and shape-shift into a clone of a mortal. Their wings are kept hidden until they attack. When one usually thinks of wings, visions of beauty appear, but the wings of the Sluagh are not beautiful. When the Sluagh open and move their distorted wings, only the immortals can see they are full of rips and holes that emit lethal frequencies of light and sound. The sound of their wings is inaudible to mortal ears and the light beyond mortal visual capabilities. The ultimate purpose and result of these particular waves and frequencies of sound and light is the destruction of molecular ions in the body of an honorable being; rendering the poor soul to exist merely as an empty shell, barely alive, without hope or spirit. Most of their victims die, very few regain the will to live and some are enslaved as minions for the Sluagh. Just feeding on one honorable soul will give the Sluagh enough power to wage battle with any of the immortals of the Alliance of the Five. Until recently, the Alliance was easily aware and immune to the effects of the Sluagh’s powers. Now, unknown to the Alliance, Sluagh moles reside on Asgard and Earth. The secrets of the Asgardians, the Terrans and all of the members of the Alliance are no longer safe. Because of the knowledge relayed by the moles, the powers of the Sluagh have been enhanced so that even the benevolent immortals of the Alliance of the Five are now easy prey. The Sluagh have no sense of altruism; they are parasites that feed and destroy.   

Chapter 1 ****Valhalla, Asgard Present Day and Norway, Earth 9th Century C.E.**** 

Sparks ricocheted between the back hooves of thirteen winged horses gathering in V-formation at the Bifrost. Their riders were the Valkyrie, the battle maidens of Odin. Freya, leader of the Valkyrie, gave the signal for them to canter forward into the energy field known as the Rainbow Bridge of Valhalla. Thunder echoed off the dense cloud clusters with each footfall of the horses’ forceful strides as they merged with a shower of prismatic lightning. Following Freya’s lead, the Valkyrie came to a synchronized halt in mid-air flight and gave their horses the cue to rear up in sequence three times, forming light-waves that humans call "Northern Lights." Twenty-six front hooves launched miniature lightning bolts between all thirteen horses. White vaporized mist swirled from their nostrils. As they shook their heads, the hair from their manes created dynamic, tonal frequencies that opened a gateway through space and time into Earth's Ninth Century C.E. So rode the Valkyrie.  Exiting the energy field of towering thunderheads, they galloped into the planet’s atmosphere. Each of the thirteen Valkyrie had their own unique powerful battle magic. A familiar, tragic scene played out as they surveyed the Norwegian battlefield below. Once again, mortals battled each other for greed of land and dominion over others, few fought with integrity.  Skogul, Freya's second-in-command, was a Master Healer. Her adopted daughter Sif had the gift of sight and was known as a Far-Seer who could see anywhere, any time. Skogul and Sif were in position as the first pair immediately behind Freya. The scene on the battlefield had appeared to Sif in a vision the day before. When she saw her vision become a reality, it reaffirmed her sense of loss and grief. “So many dead!”  Skogul glanced over at her with a reminder, “It is the way of battle Sif, now it is our turn to serve.”  The warriors lay over rocks, in the water and body upon body, hundreds of them, some with eyes open, and others with mouths frozen in a last battle cry. Axes, arrows, spears, and swords impaled their bodies; a few were still gasping for their final breath. Spirits of the dead were already rising, moving above the earth, searching for their spirit guides to lead them to the next world. The mission of the Valkyrie was to find honorable, injured and dying warriors, grant them immortality and take them to Valhalla where they would be healed and become warriors of Asgard. Skogul pointed to the battlefield below them, “Sif, do you see the dying warrior with the bow in his hand and the scar along the right side of his face?” “Yes.”   “That’s Vidar. He is an honorable man and the best of the forest warriors.”  Sif leaned forward on her horse, Magda, took a deep breath, and gave the battle cry of the Valkyrie. It was not a human cry. Her voice rolled like thunder echoing across a canyon. The sound waves vibrated everywhere, announcing their coming to the warriors on the field. Those without integrity ran in fear, while the honorable warriors were inspired to continue fighting. The injured and dying warriors looked up to the sky, their eyes filling with hope to be chosen by a Valkyrie. If not chosen by a Valkyrie, warriors who died with honor would await several possible fates: they might be guided by spirits to another realm where they would be revived and transformed into guardian spirits of the earth, air, water or fire, or to return to Earth and become a spirit guide in the form of an animal or perhaps live again as an honorable mortal with magical gifts. However, there were two other possible fates for honorable warriors, the worst fates of all; death by excruciating pain from a Sluagh attack or exist in suffering if the Sluagh captured the spirits of their souls. The Valkyrie fought to protect these honorable mortals from the Sluagh.  Together, Sif  and Magda were as one being as they glided downward and hovered above the ground with ease. Magda's hooves never touched the earth as Sif leaned down and gathered the body of Vidar in her arms. She gently squeezed her calves into Magda’s sides giving the cue for them to rise into the sky.  Vidar looked into her eyes and asked, “Am I chosen?” Sif reassured him.  “Yes, rest now. Soon you will be healed and live as an immortal warrior in Valhalla.” Vidar, closed his eyes and lay in Sif’s arms, cradled like a newborn child. As she bent to place a healing kiss upon his brow, the visor of her silver helm slipped over her eyes. She pushed the visor up and was instantly blinded by a piercing light. A blast of freezing air slammed into her. Sif screamed in agony. The Sluagh had thrown its lethal light, like a javelin, attacking Sif with a vengeance, impaling her solar plexus and catapulting her and Vidar off Magda. Sif watched helplessly as the impact of the blast wrenched Vidar from of her grasp. Instantaneously, the remaining twelve Valkyrie formed a protective energy circle around Sif, Vidar and Magda, while repelling the Sluagh. Goll, a Valkyrie of great strength and courage, caught Vidar in mid-air. Skogul dove below them with her mount Jiya and picked up Magda's reins. Thunderclouds enveloped all the Valkyrie, transporting them back to Valhalla. Sif was in immense pain. Frantically clutching at her bee pendant necklace she cried out, “Ooodiiinnn!"

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